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ProShot, AGATEC, PLS, and AGL Grade Laser Level

ProShot and AGL Lasers design and construct some of the highest quality and accurate grade laser levels available. Benchmark AZ is proud to supply contractors, builders and field engineers with the ProShot and AGL laser levels. Our experience with these products gives us the ability to help you select the perfect laser level for your particular application ALL Laser levels include prepaid shipping.

ProShot and AGL Grade Laser Level Features

 AGL Agatec, ProShot and PLS offer a wide variety of features that can be provided to your specific application. The professionals at Benchmark AZ will use their experience with Pro Shot and AGL grade laser levels to help you select the correct laser level for you.  Here are some of the features of these products from ProShot, Agatec, PLS and AGL Lasers.
  • High-impact Housings For Excellent Durability, and accuracy
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Remote Control Capabilities
  • Battery Pack With Re-chargers
  • High Power Laser Beam For Enhanced Distance Performance
  • Extremely Dependable and Accurate
  • Self-Leveling and single and dual slope grade Capabilities
  • Laser Reference ProShot and AGL-Lasers are USA manufacturers
  • Free USA freight on all laser level packages

ProShot, PLS, and AGL Grade Laser Level Available From Benchmark AZ

Below are brief descriptions of the ProShot and AGL grade laser levels that are available from Benchmark AZ. Browse through the brief descriptions and click on the image to get more information and to purchase the grade laser level of your choice.

AGL EAGL H self leveling laser

AGL Eagl H, newest economy construction rotary laser level from AGL Lasers and Benchmark AZ. Full featured laser level, dual manual slope match to 10% .

EAGL 1-Touch Rotating Laser level by AGL Laser with Detector

The EAGL 1-Touch Rotating Laser Level is the perfect one-man leveling system. This unit features a self leveling system with no leveling screws.The EAGL 1-Touch also gives the highest level of accuracy.
EAGL AGL 2000 Rotary Laser Level With Detector

The AGL EAGL 2000 Laser Level is perfect for fine grading, digging footings, setting forms, aligning tilt-up walls and setting anchor bolts. It also features a 2000' diameter range for bigger jobs, supplied with Detector Receiver and Case.
EAGL AGL 3000S Rotating Construction Laser Level, and Detector and Slope Matching

The AGL EAGL 3000 is the perfect unit for jobs requiring great lengths with higher accuracy. This Rotating laser reaches up to 3000' diameters. It also features a manual slope rotating laser head. Accessories include a laser detector with a bracket.
AGL GRADOPLANE 15 AGL Horizontal, Single & Dual Slope Laser Level, with Detector Receiver

New USA made Dual-Slope Laser from AGL offers Value; Packed with Features. The GradoPlane 15 employs the latest technology to provide a great value for the grading or underground contractor.

GRADOPLANE 25X AGL Dual Slope Laser Level and LS100 Detector Receiver

The AGL GradoPlane 25X is a high performance dual grading laser with up to 25% slope capability. Excellent range and accuracy. Large Construction or Farming

L3 ProShot Laser Level, by Laser Reference, Includes USA shipping and R7 Detector Receiver

The L3 ProShot Visible Red Beam Laser Level is the perfect tool for interior and exterior work. This unit is excellent for hanging ceilings and framing layout. Includes detector and carrying case.

L6 ProShot Interior Laser Level, Visible Red Beam

The economical L6 ProShot Interior Laser Level shoots a highly visible rotating red lase beam with a plumb spot. Excellent for ceilings, walls, soffits and layout work. Variable speed rotating beam.

L4.7 Laser Level ProShot by Laser Reference, Contractors and Builders

The ProShot L4.7 has an automatic compensated laser level. This unit is perfect for general and commercial concrete contractors and builders. Comes with an R7 receiver and bracket.
L4.7 ProShot Magnum, Interior Red Beam Laser Level, Laser Reference, Longer Range

The ProShot L4.7 Magnum is an excellent laser level for Interior line and exterior work.  Some of the applications include commercial concrete, contractors and builders who need a highly visible Grade Laser.

AS2 ProShot Slope Laser Level, Construction Grading, R7 Receiver

The AS2 ProShot Laser Level is perfect for construction grading.  It also is designed for underground work, pipe laying and utility trenching operations. Supplied with an R7 receiver and bracket.

AS2 Magnum Pro Shot Single Grade Laser Level, Construction Grading, R8 Receiver

Pro Shot AS2 Magnum construction grading laser level with R7 detector for single and compound slopes.
AS2 Magnum Single grade Laser level from Laser Reference.

Leica Rugby 100 Rotating Laser level and Pro Shot R7 Receiver

The Leica Rugby 100 comes with a Pro Shot R7 detector. It is a light-weight, durable and fully self-leveling rotary with good range.  It also comes with a ProShot R7 detector and an alkaline battery pack.

ProShot Laser Level Alpha by Laser Reference, Slope Match and R7 Detector Receiver

The Laser Reference ProShot Alpha is designed for concrete and general contractors and builders working on large commercial or municipal sites. Excellent range for large construction projects. Best uses include concrete and general contractors and builders working on large commercial or municipal sites.

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